In-flight PSP could be coming to airlines

…but I already have a PSP! It’s the one you always make me shut off during take-off and landing. I don’t really shut it off, though. I just put it in stand-by and laugh at you under my breath. Also, I keep my headphones in and my iPod playing the whole time. Take that, snappy bitches!

If Sony and IFE Services have their way, the next PSP you’ll play on an airplane could be part of the in-flight entertainment. SCEA is working with airlines to add custom PSPs to flights. They’re custom in that they will feature up to 11 hours of play time, and will be fully certified for use in-flight. You’ll also be able to do things like watch movies and television programs on the device.

The company plans to offer crew training for flight attendants like the ones that usually call my PSP a “Game Boy.”

Mark Hogg, CEO of IFE says, “Our view is that this has been long-awaited by the airline industry and the passengers they fly.”

Dale North