In-depth history of the CRPG. It doesn’t get much geekier than this.

If you read the latest issue of EGM, you probably came across the little box stating that 60% of gamers are fans of the roleplaying genre. While that adds credence to my idea that I’m the only one of us having regular sex, it also made me think that you guys who came to the party late might like a refresher course on where this genre came from. Before you had your Final Fantasys (notice me not making the joke that pluralizing Final Fantasy is like pluralizing Lone Ranger) and your Worlds of Warcraft, you had games like Ultima, Rogue and Wizardry.

Armchair Arcade is putting together the most encyclopedic history of the CRPG that we’ve ever seen, and part 1 recently went live. This section takes us from the sexy world of Dungeons and Dragons to the even sexier world of computers that play Dungeons and Dragons for you! There is a lot of great information here, and for those of you who were alive during the 70s and 80s burning the midnight oil to MUDs, and RPGs that were barely a step above text-based, this will bring back tons of memories (and a lot of regret about all that human contact you missed out on).

So, anyone wanna regale us with tales of their time spent slaying dragons and rescuing fictional women from days of yore?

Seriously, it’s Christmas. We’re friggin’ bored.

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