In college? Trade on Goozex for free

I remember being in college. It seemed like everything that involved money was a hassle. I had to be that guy. I had to almost always interject that I did not have enough money to go out and eat. Or see a movie. Or buy deodorant. Being poor as sh*t is almost a rite of passage into adulthood.

The folks at Goozex knows all about the college money situation. If you’re that guy, to help you out, Goozex is waiving their fee for selling videogames and movies on their fantastic games trading service. Buy and sell for free, if you’re a college student. Nice, huh?

All you need to get this fee-less trading going on is a .edu email address. That’s it! The promotion runs from now through January 31st.

There’s already a savings in buying games at Goozex, and now you save a little bit more. Put that toward cheap beer, condoms, and Dollar Menu items for lunch.

Dale North