In all the Nintenlove, have we forgotten the Wii has issues too?

It’s not just the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with the occasional system errors, no, it seems that Nintendo’s beloved Wii is also prone to problems. Mine, for example, will freeze about 50% of the time when I switch games or applications. I’ve had minor Wiimote issues now and again, but nothing major. After looking at the list below compiled at NeoGAF, does anyone here at Destructoid want to add a problem log to the flame? Straight from the GAF:

  • 1. Credit cards: Again, as per PS3, only a credit card belonging to a country on the list available on your wii can be used. Having a european card means that no Wii points can be purchased. Check returns “Error : country doesn’t match that in Wii settings” 🙁
  • 2. Freezing on VC exit (Amirox): System freezes 50% of the time when exiting VC channel.
  • 3. Slow Wii code exchange update (Tabris): Followin exchange of Wii codes, takes a long time before you can actually interact.
  • 4. VC game issue: Bomberman: Difficult to get mixed controllers (GC+Wii) working — Borghe to the rescue! “press a button on the GCN controllers (L trigger or R trigger I thought) “
  • 5. Bluetooth controller problems (Mrbob): As per PS3 issue – controls get ‘stuck’ for a few seconds.
  • 6. Download and update -bricking- (lavpa): Some updates have bricked certain systems
  • 7. Lack of firmware on machine: Machine ships without firmware, requests update disk.
  • 8. Disk read failures (quailtamer): Won’t read disks 1/10 times
  • 9. Lack of Nunchuck/Wiimotes (koam): Lack of stock despite push from nintendo of the wii as a family machine
  • 10. Sent message history (SS4Gogita): No send message history
  • 11. Wii sound output issues (Jarosh): often distorted sound output to 5.1 output system.
  • 12. Blue light not coming on (John Harker): Despite receiving mails, blue light doesn’t come on.
  • 13. Mii channel/register freeze (John Harker): When not connected to 24, system freezes and forces power down.
  • 14. Lock up in wii store (hyp): Lock ups in the wii store whilst connecting
  • 15. Multiple wifi connection failuers (DCharlie/hyp): wifi connection fails, claims not connected.
  • 16. Wiiconnect24 not available (DCharlie/hyp): several messages about Wiiconnect24 not being available, then available seconds later.


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