In a rare move, Mario Kart Tour removes its gacha system

Mario Kart Tour gacha

I’ll take a gamble on it

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Mario Kart Tour gacha is no more, at least come “late September,” according to a new update from the game’s official Twitter account.

Here’s the full rundown:

“Here’s a peek at #MarioKartTour‘s update coming late September! Battle mode will be added, along with a Spotlight Shop, where you can exchange rubies for drivers, karts, and gliders! Also, pipes you can fire by using rubies will be removed. See the notification for details.”

So checking out that notification on the app, it seems as if “new drivers, karts, and gliders, as well as drivers, karts, and gliders that have appeared in the past, will be available.” This “Spotlight Shop” system will likely work similarly to the Fornite (and company) spotlight shops, which only showcase a few things to buy at a time, in a bid to get you to keep checking out the storefront and buy something before it leaves. The in-game update also says “lots of other things are in the works too.”

Obviously, a lot of games still have gacha elements, and clearly (in addition to this primarily being a business decision rather than some gift on high) this helps Nintendo enter into markets that don’t currently allow it. But for folks who didn’t like the gambling element of Mario Kart Tour gacha, it’s a win.

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