Impulse offering Red Faction 1 and 2 with Guerilla reserves

Impulse loves Red Faction. The other digital download service is currently offering a hip pre-order deal for Red Faction: Guerilla. If you choose to reserve your digital copy, Impulse will give you original Red Faction (2001) and Red Faction II (2002). Both titles use Volition’s Geo-Mod technology to a startling degree: don’t be shocked if you accidently fall in a hole of your own creation.

Guerilla won’t hit the PC until August 25 of this year, so you have some time to consider your purchase. The bonuses, however, can be claimed as soon as your Impulse account has been charged.

I loved the original Red Faction, but I never got around to playing the immediate follow-up. It’s odd, really, considering how much I enjoyed the first game. I did recently purchase Guerrilla and I’ve loved nearly every second of it. It’s my pick for open-world action game of the year — a definite can’t miss title. 

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