Impressive! 8-bit Castlevania-inspired Brave Earth looks legit

That’s NES Castlevania

Brave Earth: Prologue was announced in 2011 and we last wrote about it 4 years ago. The latest game from I Wanna Be The Guy developer Michael “Kayin” O’Reilly’ has popped up on Steam Greenlight (where it needs your votes to land on the games portal) and damn does it look hot.

Inspired by the likes of the original Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden (so, hey, not another metroidvania!), Brave Earth boasts a proper 8-bit aesthetic that would leave it looking right at home on the NES. And “a 2016 release is almost assured!”

Brave Earth has four difficulty settings that go as far as fill some pitfalls with blocks on the easiest setting, a nice bit of hand-crafted adjustment. There are “three main playable characrers with diverse abilities,” too: Naomi vos Cruz, Sinlen Rothschild, and Trevor vos Cruz. You can catch more details over on its Greenlight page.

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