Immortal: New Japan PSP bundle to include Final Fantasy VII

For Jenova’s sake, give it a rest! Let the game die…or give it a full PS3 makeover.

A new Japanese PSP bundle has popped on on Amazon Japan’s listings, and instead of bundling something new with the PSP-3000, Sony packs in Final Fantasy VII International. Well, it’s not even a true bundle, as Andriasang says it comes with a product code for the download. Starting August 7th, this bundle will be available for all of the 3000 colors. Mind you, this is only an Amazon Japan listing, and has not been confirmed by Sony or Square Enix.

Why bother with the bundle? Well, this might only be attractive to those that want a new PSP, but it’s nice to know that this game is basically free, as the asking price for the “bundle” is 19,800 yen, the standard PSP-3000 price. I guess we can’t bitch about a free game…or maybe we can, since we all already own a couple of copies of it.

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