Images tease sky dimension for Minecraft

Every time I post about Minecraft, I promise myself that it’ll be the last time for a while. “It has to be! You’ll get burned out, self.” But then someone at Mojang does something interesting enough to break my short-lived vow of silence.

This time, it’s Markus Persson tweeting about a sky dimension. He initially came off as frustrated, and it seemed like this was a concept he had merely been tinkering with, but he went on to say: “because PC Gamer made such a big deal of the sky dimension, I guess I’ll have to finish it. Consider it confirmed.”

Good on you, boys. Too many hours of my life have been spent attempting to create floating islands by hand, so this is very nice to hear. Take a look at the initial images.

Notch Working On Minecraft Sky Dimension [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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