Images of Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan crop up

Hopefully they don’t undersell tickets

Contruction is already underway over at Universal Studios Japan for the new Nintendo World section of the park, and some photos of the lot have popped up around the internet. Thus far it appears to be Mario focused, which may be for the best. As much as we’d all love to see Nintendo’s own separate theme park covering all of its IPs, having a single theme is perhaps best for limited space.

I may be cynical at times but I’m a sucker for theme parks, especially Universal Studios. While I haven’t quite made it to Disneyland or Sea in Tokyo, I’ve been to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka three times already. The charm is reliving great movies and feeling a part of those worlds if even only for a few minutes after hours of waiting. Best of all is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, for it’s more than just a ride: they recreated an imitation Hogsmeade full of authentic-looking stores and goods (like butter beer).

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter works so well in part because Harry Potter has a well defined and meticulously detailed world and a consistent theme. It would be very difficult to match that feeling with multiple different IPs sharing space.

Nevertheless, it will surely be a blast and I hate having to wait three years for it.

Cory Arnold
Pretty cool dude in Japan. 6/9/68