Imageepooch fighting to defend the JRPG

Last Ranker and Arc Rise Fantasia developer Imageepooch is tired of people thinking that the Japanese roleplaying genre is dead. In fact, it has begun an initiative to prove that the JRPG isn’t old fashioned and ready for retirement with a brand new site

JRPG 2nd Stage sees the Tokyo-based studio fighting in the corner of a genre that many have started to write off, thanks in part to a string of formulaic, uninspired, cookie-cutter games. It’s a noble goal, and Imageepooch is going to have to put its money where its mouth is, but if they can bring some dignity back to the JRPG, then may they have the very best of luck. 

The studio will be announcing a number of JRPG titles in the near future. I’m very eager to see what they do. 

Imageepoch Asks “Is JRPG Old Fashioned?” [Siliconera]

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