I’m sick of guessing at Gearbox’s PAX East teases, you figure out what they mean

Make the internet proud

Some shit is gonna go down at Gearbox’s PAX East 2019 panel on March 28 in Boston. It has to. Those resolute Borderlands fans will mutiny if they’ve been strung along yet again, this time way harder than ever before.

It started earlier this week with an obvious one:

That’s Borderlands 3, right? That has to be Borderlands 3. If that isn’t Borderlands 3, this qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment.

It gets more confusing. Yesterday, Gearbox teased this:

That is, uh, a dismembered robot? The wording makes it seem like it’s a different game than the previous day’s tweet.

Oh, there’s more. A third game? A blurry third game? This is getting ridiculous.

Some plausible theories from the Borderlands subreddit are: a Borderlands battle royale, a Borderlands 2 Switch port, Borderlands 2 on Oculus Rift or Vive (it’s currently only on PSVR), a Borderlands 1 remaster.

I don’t know. This is me waving the white flag. I give up. I will wait the two weeks until Gearbox pulls back the veil on all of this. You can keep guessing. Figure it out, Sherlock. I have been defeated, but, also, I never put all that much effort into it in the first place. Blogging is easy. 

Brett Makedonski
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