I’m really into this 3D-printed Zelda: Breath of the Wild castle

I hope 3D printers are eventually free

Man, it feels like every day I’m pining for a 3D printer. I know, I know, they’re “cheap” now! Except cheap is relative when you’re spending your cash on other hobbies already.

Reddit user cryptid007, among many others over the past few years, is temping me again though with their Hyrule Castle creation. It’s a 3D-printed rendition of the fortress from Zelda: Breath of the Wild and it looks glorious — as in, I want to shrink down to Rick Moranis size and explore it.

Amazingly it used a 3D map from the game as a basis, and it only took 37 hours to create. I want to see the person that makes it their mission to print off every locale and place them correctly in a giant room.

Breath of the Wild: 3D Printed Hyrule Castle [Reddit]

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