I’m down for an NES Classic turbo controller

Now we just need a mini Power Glove

As a kid, games used to be tremendously hard. While I persevered, sometimes whipping out the NES Max or the Game Genie would be my answer. Back then, I mostly just wanted to fool around instead of trying to prove something; nowadays, I like the challenge.

Regardless, fans of not-so-honest tactics will be happy to know that a third-party company, Emio, is creating a turbo controller and a clone of the NES Advantage for use on the NES Classic (or Wii and Wii U). Looking rather authentic, I think a lot of players will happily grab these for use during the holidays.

While I know it will never happen (and the NES Classic doesn’t have a functional cartridge slot), I’d love to see Game Genie come back. It would be too cool to have cheats on those ROMs like the good old days. Then again, none of the games included with the NES Classic are ridiculously unfair.

Potential buyers should also take heed that in two-player mode, one controller needs to be an NES Classic gamepad, so trying to hook up two NES Advantages may not work. While it seems arbitrary, the restriction more than likely has to do with the NES Classic emulating the Wii U’s Virtual Console is a classic Nintendo idiosyncrasy.

Emio bringing out an Edge Gamepad, Joystick for the NES Classic Edition [Nintendo Everything]

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