Mega64 released their latest skit based on Final Fantasy 12 today. I have to say the only time I’ve ever been near FF12 was when I was at my buddies house and he couldn’t put it down. Eventually I passed out on an Ab Lounge and woke up with big map from FF12 on me as a blanket. That’s as close as I ever played it. Regardless of that pointless tidbit about me, I got a good laugh out of the skit. You have to have a good pair on you to be able to run around in a skimpy little outfit and yelling at strangers. Not to mention the fact that Shawn almost gets punched by a crazy dad in front of his kids no less.
Mega64 also released a new DVD today aimed at all their hardcore fans. We still have a long time before Volume 3 of the saga comes out. Also, if you’re attending Comic-Con this week, be sure and give them a visit.
Hamza Aziz