I’M A COMPUTA: G.I. Joe game to include the original PSAs

EA showed off the new G.I. Joe game in New York this past week and our very own walking dictionary, Samit Sarkar, got to check it out. He’ll have a preview of it coming soon, but until then, I wanted to talk about one of the awesome bonus features the G.I. Joe game is going to have.

MTV Multiplayer’s Stephen Totilo was at the same event where he found out that the original “Knowing is half the battle” PSAs will be in the game. If you do well as you play through G.I. Joe, you’ll unlock the vintage educational clips where dumbass kids do stupid ass sh*t and the G.I. Joes just so happen to be nearby to save the kids in time.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like the Fensler Films version of the PSAs will be in the game. It’s a shame, but at this rate, Destructoid is probably going to use every single G.I. Joe PSA spoof for every G.I. Joe news item we run by the time the game comes out … STOP ALL DA DOWNLOADING!  

Hamza Aziz