IKEA’s knockoff game titles have me in stitches

Knockoff IKEA game titles

You’re telling me I can’t play Grand Theft Meatballs?

Have you ever gone shopping and stumbled across that perfect piece of furniture you’ve been looking for? The color is beautiful, it’s got all the right dimensions, and it fits well with the rest of the pieces you have in your living room. But wait… something’s not right — your games don’t fit on the shelves! Oh, the horror! Well thankfully, furniture retail giant IKEA has thought of everything, and now you can shop for a media console in peace, putting out of your mind the fear of whether your precious steelbook copy of Skyrim will fit or not.

In classic IKEA fashion, they’ve come up with everything to help make the shopping experience more convenient. You’ve probably seen their cardboard versions of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, which also aid in measuring the dimensions of a potential purchase, but they also supply game cases for the same purpose. Now this is where things take a turn for the ridiculous in the best way possible.

Fictional game cases at IKEA from gaming

IKEA wasn’t just going to put out some empty game cases and call it a day, oh no. They went to the trouble of printing out cover art for their own parody titles, and they had me in stitches reading them. For the simple gamer, they’ve got the classic “IKEA Simulator.” I guess if you’re already in the IKEA, they know you’re going to enjoy the simulated version, so that checks out. Then for the kids, we’ve got “Småland Crossing” — a play on the name of the children’s play areas that IKEA has at each location. My personal favorites, though, are the puns, like “Call off Duty,” “Pillow Fort-Night,” and “Allen Wrench.”

I don’t know what IKEA intern was in charge of coming up with these game titles, but I’m sure they had a ton of fun. It’s a small thing, but it’s something that can put a smile on the face of even the grumpiest gamer as they drudge their way through the purgatory-like maze of furniture.

Noelle Warner