iHaloStats may be just what the doctor ordered, for Halo 3 fans

The pair up may be soaked in irony, but thanks to a clever programmer by the name of Kato, those of you with iPhones, and a Halo 3 fetish to boot, will be able to keep closer tabs on one another while away from the game — painful as it may be to all parties involved.

As the programmer himself proclaimed, “Bungie’s site in its current form just doesn’t do the tight confines of the iPhone screen much justice.” His answer? Meet iHaloStats, where you can check any player’s stats, including their service record, medals, weapon use, rank history, and all the other goodies you like to peruse on Bungie.net.

Fire up the “pride-killer” app, enter a Gamertag, and gather your verbal ammo. Armed with said knowledge, you have the convenience of a phone in which to call and harass them about their misfortunes. Isn’t technology grand?

This might be the tool that helps to give Halo 3 that shot in the arm it needs. Not that it’s doing bad at all, but I’m sure the guys at Bungie aren’t exactly celebrating the recent news that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare took the crown for most played Xbox Live game away from them. Very cool…very cool, indeed.

[Via tuaw –Thanks Jonathan]