IGN continues to outdo self in retardedness

IGN may be one of the single worst gaming sites around, yet for some reason, people still flock to it like it’s an oasis of insider knowledge. Perhaps it’s time to really wake up and smell the smoke coming from the pea brains within. Case in point: Check out what made their GAMING peripheral of the year:

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Add-on
Sony made a controversial choice when it chose to base the PlayStation 3 upon the brand new Blu-ray disc technology, and has since run into some pretty serious production complications as a result. Microsoft stuck with regular DVD at launch, but has now launched the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive add-on. The $199 drive connects to a 360 via USB, and will also work with Windows Vista when it launches next year for the PC. Though limited via the 360’s lack of HDMI output and support for 7.1 sound, for gamers that already own a 360 it is one of the best ways to get into next-gen DVD.

That’s weird. Last I checked the HD-DVD drive only played movies. Hmmm, odd. Better still, look who won best new console (which is a strange category in itself because there’s only two to choose from):

Sony PlayStation 3
Console launch years only come around twice a decade or so, and they’re always guaranteed to be exciting years. The 360 matured dramatically since this time last year and its second-generation titles like Gears of War and CoD3 made the PlayStation 3’s job of shocking the world with its immense power rather difficult.

Nintendo’s Wii launched to massive mainstream applause and a lot of hope has been placed in the potential for gaming innovation via the console’s unique controller. Nintendo disappointed some, however, by choosing not embrace HDTV or to compete with Sony and Microsoft in processing power. The Wii can’t even play normal DVDs.

IGN: Worst. Gaming. Site. Ever. 

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