IGA Worldwide knows you like ads, has stats to prove it

Remember those silly ads in Madden 2009? You do? Good. You’re now a statistic. IGA Worldwide — a huge in-game advertising agency — recently uploaded a video on YouTube (via VG247) that is positively jammed with statistics that publishers will undoubtedly use as fuel to put more McDonalds billboards in your favorite games.

There are two big claims in the video. The first is that “90 percent of gamers recalled brands they had been exposed to through in-game ads.” The second claim — and perhaps the most unsettling one of the bunch — is that “36 percent of gamers bought or requested information on a product after seeing an in-game ad.” Uh oh.

I look forward to the day when I boot up Street Fighter V and choose to fight with the free version of Blanka, who just so happens to be wearing a pair of Nike shoes in an arena sponsored by Lucas Oil. Oh wait, nevermind — “86 percent of gamers feel contextual ads fit the games.” Scratch that scary dream.

[image via Flickr]

Brad BradNicholson