If you’re thirsty for virtual boobies but broke, the free-to-play version of DOAX 3 is out now

The English version is on the Hong Kong PSN store

Remember that awful and grind filled booby game Dead or Alive Xtreme 3? The free-to-play versions of it are available now on both the Hong Kong and Japanese PSN stores for PS4 and Vita. This free version includes Kasumi, and every mode besides the casino. The casino and characters can be purchased for real money separately. 

As long as you’re intelligent enough to create a Hong Kong-based PSN account you too can take artistic photos of scenery in English for the low, low, price of whatever you value your brain cells at.

You know what is even better than a free version of DOAX 3? The below picture of Niero trying to strike this pose from the game.

Jed Whitaker