If you want the Pyra and Mythra figures Sakurai was talking about and haven’t gotten them yet, you’ll have to wait until 2023


This deal is getting worse all the time!

Remember weeks ago when Sakurai confirmed that Pyra and Mythra were joining the Super Smash Bros. squad? Although the amiibo figures for the duo are far away, the larger, more detailed Good Smile statues were confirmed for another round of pre-orders following the broadcast.

Well, they’re up now for the “second round,” and they’re about on par with a lot of other Good Smile offerings in terms of price: Pyra and Mythra will run you $192.99 each. Here’s the kicker though, they aren’t slated to ship until March 2023. Note that this second round will run until April 28.

Previously, you could have gotten in on this racket in 2018 for Pyra and 2019 for Mythra. The company did another run that’s coming in June, with another round in late 2022. But this official “second round” (the one you can get today) is going to be even more elusive.

Consider this a PSA!

Pyra | Mythra [Good Smile]

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