If you want the Fire Emblem Engage tarot cards, you’ll have to go to the aftermarket

They were part of a pre-order bonus

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As part of the core fabric of the game, tarot cards are woven into Fire Emblem Engage through the party member and fortune teller Seadall: who you can talk to for a reading at the Somniel hub. In addition to that in-game mechanic, you can also pick up a physical tarot deck as a result of a GameStop pre-order bonus. Here’s what it actually entails.

Where to find the Fire Emblem Engage tarot cards

If you have a hookup at your local GameStop, see if you can get an extra pack of the cards (if the store has extra beyond the pre-orders that already picked them up).

You can also find them on the aftermarket, including eBay. When sussing out a price that works for you, make sure and use the “sold items” category, so you can see what listings are actually completed, and how much the deck is going for at that point in time. They are more or less going for $50 as a complete set in the aftermarket.

Here’s a full list of all of the Fire Emblem Engage tarot cards

There are 12 tarot cards in all in the Fire Emblem Engage set:

  • Glory/Isolation (Marth)
  • Honor/Infamy (Sigurd)
  • Cordiality/Strife (Roy)
  • Tenderness/Callousness (Eirika)
  • Fertility/Bad Harvest (Celica)
  • Fortitude/Failure (Leif)
  • Meetings/Betrayal (Lyn)
  • Wellness/Injury (Ike)
  • Unexpected Consequences (Positive)/Unexpected Consequences (Negative) – (Micaiah)
  • Hope/Despair (Lucina)
  • Determination/Distraction (Corrin)
  • Diligence/Indolence (Byleth)

A community member has provided Fire Emblem Engage tarot card deck photos

Thanks to Reddit user quitefishy, you can get a good preview of all of the tarot deck cards, as well as the full descriptions of them. If you can’t find the official ones, you could always use any tarot set and do a reading using the guide, embedded below.

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