If you somehow watch Hulu on your Japanese 3DS, I have bad news for you

It’s being removed

Sometimes, production companies kind of just throw everything at the wall and tries to see what sticks. For the 3DS and Wii U, nothing really “stuck” in the video department. Sure there’s always that one guy that goes “I only watch videos on my 3DS!” but the adoption rate has been so low with these apps that many of them are just removing them entirely, rather than spend the effort to develop new software updates for recent firmware changes.

That’s what Hulu is doing in Japan for 3DS. As of January 11, the app will be removed from the eShop, and on February 14, the service will cease to operate. Ever since 2012 Hulu has been pushing out US content to Japan, showcasing Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, and The Sopranos with subtitles.

The US app will keep operating for the foreseeable future, but that could change if they’re phasing it out elsewhere.

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