If you see this armor in Call of Duty, you’re gonna die

Only the top 100 players have it

Sledgehammer’s making sure that the top Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players stick out like a sore thumb. That way, you’ll be slightly consoled when you have the worst game of your life. Or, you won’t feel guilty when you just disconnect from the match after seeing them bling across the battlefield.

According to a tweet from Sledgehammer this weekend, the developer’s bestowed a gaudy new armor upon the top 100 ranked Advanced Warfare players in the world. Depending on your tastes, you might think that the gold Grand Master Character Gear set is ornate and surprisingly suited for Call of Duty royalty. If you’re the low-key type, you might think it’s loud and obnoxious — just like the player on the other end of that microphone.

@SHGames [Twitter]

Brett Makedonski
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