If you play the Peacekeeper in For Honor, MLG just banned her temporarily

Might be permanent if the devs don’t respond

I love keeping up with the individual meta of any given game. While there are usually tier lists that can be defied by any given player, you cannot defy a ban that’s put in place by TOs or organizations. That’s what’s happening now in For Honor, as MLG has just temporarily banned the Peacekeeper class.

The main problem seems to be her super-powered light attack, which can be spammed to great success, a tactic you can see in the video below — I’ve heard similar complaints online having played it myself. Due to a multitude of threads about it from the official forums, to MLG’s forums, to reddit, MLG officials will run their next tournament with the Peacekeeper banned, and then poll the community after. If most of them agree with the ban, barring a pre-release balance patch, it’ll stay that way.

Seems fair to me! While moves like this are always up for debate, if the overwhelming majority of players want a change, so be it. Many competitive games (MOBAs in particular) already have a built-in ban system to adjust for situations like this anyway.

The Shadow [MLG]

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