If you never got around to Observation, it’s now on Steam with a discount

Otherwise known as the HAL 9000 game

Observation is worth checking out today if you were holding out for the Steam version. Exactly one year after its Epic Games Store debut, it’s now on Steam for $12.49 thanks to a limited-time promo.

Observation is a surprisingly thrilling game about guiding an astronaut through a space-station disaster as an all-seeing – but not immediately all-knowing – AI that can toggle through camera feeds and take control of drones. I adored that role reversal premise and enjoyed most of No Code’s follow-through.

The deeper you get into the game, the more you’ll find yourself thinking from an AI’s point-of-view. It’s a trip! The developers did a superb job with environmental details. The stakes are immediately high, the experience feels fairly grounded, and while this is an adventure game at its heart, it can be unnerving.

I’m excited to revisit Observation one of these days now that the specific story beats are a little less fresh in my mind and only the broad plot points remain in focus. Today, I’m just gonna revel in the excellent title sequence – whether or not you’re down for Observation, you should watch it too.

Jordan Devore
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