If you loved the ’90s more, you’d have made Seinfeld’s apartment in The Sims 4

Kramer bursting through door is DLC

Anyone that can play bass guitar inevitably always gets asked the question “Can you play the Seinfeld theme?” (Duh, obviously.) That’s probably why they bought a bass in the first place — to lay down the groove to the iconic theme to one of the best sitcoms ever.

Maybe Sims players will get the same treatment if the person they’re talking to remembers that one time that someone recreated Jerry’s apartment in The Sims 4. Yeah, probably not, but it doesn’t make this effort any less impressive. That’s where Sims players can go to complain about the wacky dating scenarios they’ve gotten themselves into.

Seinfeld’s apartment recreated in Sims 4 [NeoGAF]

Brett Makedonski
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