If you love Sonic, download Eggman Hates Furries

But I wouldn’t recommend finishing it.

Eggman Hates Furries is a Sonic fangame developed by Oddwarg. Something like a boss rush, it’s one manic, super-fast boss encounter after another, separated by only the lightest of platforming (up until the game’s climactic finishing run sequence). The boss enemies that you fight are well-designed and challenging and there’s even some light plot sprinkled throughout the game.

On the downside there are some pretty ugly animated sequences and comically poor voice-over. Controls also take some getting accustomed to. But these issues are completely excusable in the face of what’s otherwise a spectacular fan effort.

There’s just one real problem and it relates to the title. It’s called Eggman Hates Furries for a reason and while there’s never anything vulgar about it, if you have a perspective of the relationship between Miles Prower and Sonic which conforms squarely to the series canon, the game’s conclusion could be uncomfortable. That’s all. Just creeped me out a bit.

Still worth downloading and playing, though. You should go and give it a shot. My suggestion is that you quit playing right around the time you’re no longer capable of running.

Eggman Hates Furries [Sonic Fan Games HQ via Sonic Stadium]

Conrad Zimmerman