If you like little girls, we’ve found you a dress-up game!

Sometimes we get the most random tips sent in to Destructoid HQ, and sometimes we feel the need to chase them up just in case there’s an interesting story at the end of them. Every now and then, our intrepidity backfires badly, like it did this morning when I decided to see what an email advertising a “Gravure Eye Doll” was all about. The link, by the way, is not safe for work. Or anywhere.

What you see above is tame compared to what you’re greeted with the moment the “game” finishes loading. I am a difficult man to shock, as you might imagine, but my jaw literally dropped when I saw what must be as close to child pornography as you can get without requiring FBI involvement. Yep, it’s a little girl that you can render totally naked, and this is a game.

What’s worse (or better, depending on your point of view), you can attach your favorite pubic hair! A range of styles and colors are yours to pick from. Don’t worry though, none of them will make her look any older. Besides which, no amount of pubis will stop the image of her bare vulva being burned into your mind. 

Before you ask, no, there was no reason for me to share this with you. However, since I’ve had it inflicted on me, I want to spread the pain around. There’s no way I’m suffering this alone. If I have to burn my hard drive clean, we ALL have to burn our hard drives clean.

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