If Wii 2 comes out in 2-3 years, will you buy it?

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[Publisher’s note: Just for fun we’re bumping the original story about Project Cafe that we ran on January 2, 2007. The date always seemed fishy to us, but just about everything else still sounds on point!  The controller seems to be the biggest change — we’re now anticipating a large screen on it.  Oh Dreamcast, don’t say nasty things to the baby. -Niero]

This is just a theory, but it has been floated about in various corners of the gaming world, and it is one that is based very much in reality. So let’s just imagine this very possible scenario and I want you to tell me if you would be down for such an idea or if Nintendo did this, would you be pissed? I’m going to break it down:

• Nintendo is making an incredible profit on DS Lite and Wii sales and will continue to do so for the next two years, at least.

• Because of the above statement, Nintendo is also making a good profit on first party game sales.
• With the money now in hand, Nintendo pumps a major amount of money into research and development of Wii 2.
• Because of the heavily-funded development, Wii 2 is comparable or perhaps surpasses the PlayStation 3’s capabilities, thus making Wii 2 the most powerful console on the market — with the right amount of money, it could be the leader for some time.

• Wii 2 keeps the Wii control scheme but the entire system is tightened up and perfected. Games are now in HD and in full 5.1 surround sound.
• Wii 2 is sold at $299-$349 in order for Nintendo to at least break even.

• Wii 2 goes on sale in November 2008.

Now, let’s suppose this happens. If it does, will you be pissed that you spent as much as $300 or more on the Wii and games right now? Or, considering that Wii 2 would be able to play Wii games, it won’t matter to you? Also, how possible do you think this scenario will really be?
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