If we ever get a GameCube Virtual Console, Nintendo needs to make this Joy-Con

For now, you’ll have to make your own

Man, if only I had a disposable amount of income that would allow me to paint over an $80 Joy Con set, I would give experiments like this a go. The folks over at Boss Fight Props took the plunge, and managed to craft an amazing looking GameCube homage for the Switch Joy-Con Grip set, and even nailed the button coloring.

For months now the GameCube Virtual Console has been rumored, but we don’t even have a concrete date set for the VC in general on the Switch. In case you forgot it didn’t launch with the system, and we’re still awaiting basically any information on it. The only thing we do know is that by subscribing to Nintendo’s online service (which will be free until this fall) you get limited access to one VC game a month. That could change of course, especially after the general distaste for it.

Props [Boss Fight Props]

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