If we eventually get our Darksiders 4 Strife game, would you want more after that?


It’s hard to believe that the Darksiders series is nearly 10 years old.

Literally just another month or so to go and we’ll have reached the 10th anniversary of the original game: the original that challenged our notions of classics like Soul Reaver and 3D Zeldas. It’s endured at least one corporate takeover and one development studio change, and so far we’ve seen the series through the eyes of three of the Horsemen: War, Death and Fury respectively. That leaves Strife as the odd man out, and though he is getting a prequel in the form of Darksiders Genesis, he most assuredly needs his own game.

Playing him in Genesis got me thinking: if we eventually get that, and it is considered the definitive “end” to the tale that started in 2010, will you be satisfied? Maybe once upon a time that’s all I wanted, but over the past decade I’ve grown fond of the series, as well as its world and the characters that inhabit it. If Zelda can persist for 33 years, I’m game for more Darksiders. Stay tuned for our Genesis review closer to launch!

Chris Carter
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