If it seems too good to be true …

If you went to your mailbox one morning and found an Xbox 360 shipped to your home by mistake, would you keep it? What if it strangely contained a note to ship the package to Africa and provided you the stamps to do so, would you send it on, keep it or ship it back?

Sure, most of us would want to keep it. I mean how many times does an expensive console just appear on your doorstep for free? Not very often, but in reality if something doesn’t feel right it usually isn’t.

Recently Techdiversions.com was the victim of credit card fraud. In most cases, the thief can be easily be caught from the shipping address, but in this case the thieves were sending the packages to other people’s addresses with the instructions and postage for them to send them onto the thieves’ address in Africa.

This way, the packages cannot be linked to the real thieves and the first address on the store’s shipping statement is the one to suffer the consequences of the credit card fraud and if the victim kept the package it would look even worse on them.

Lucky for Techdiversions.com, one honest lady called the company about the package and the scam and now the company knows what is really going on. Techdiversions also knows what credit cards are being used and have put a stop to the orders.

So if you receive an Xbox 360 on your doorstep in the next few days and you didn’t order it, send it back. Trust me, the console isn’t worth the bull that will follow.

[Via Techdiversions.com]

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