If a Rhythm Heaven rep finally makes it to Smash, this is how they should fight

Care of the creator of Rhythm Reanimate

I’ve been clamoring for a Rhythm Heaven fighter for Smash for a long time now and nothing would make me happier than to hear that opinions have flipped and that series is mounting for a comeback. If Isabelle was revealed for Smash right before the announcement of a new Animal Crossing for 2019, then maybe Rhythm Heaven can get the same treatment? Some of you may remember that there was a minor enemy from Rhythm Heaven in Smash for the 3DS‘s Smash Run mode, so that’s some reason for hope, right? If Ridley can make it in after Sakurai said he was totally against the idea, then anythings possible, isn’t it? 

Don’t answer that. We only have a few months until we know everything about Smash Ultimate (until the inevitable DLC characters start rolling in of course), so please, just let me enjoy this moment. 

The good news is, animator Kevin Fagaragan is totally with me on this one. He’s created a pretty full set of moves for a Karate Joe + Chorus Kid dual character that would be just perfect for Smash. This tweet isn’t the only example of his work on the concept. You can get a further look at it here and here. On top of all that, he’s also helping put together a project called Rhythm Reanimate where fans redraw their favorite games from the series for a not-for-profit video. There are actually a few unclaimed spots on the to-do list if you’re an animator who’s interested in getting in there.

Regardless of Nintendo’s future plans for Rhythm Heaven, I’m sure the fans will keep the series alive for years to come. 

Jonathan Holmes
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