Idiot with pipe tries to steal Xbox, fails spectacularly

A 52-year-old man recently broke into a house in Palm Coast, Florida, armed with a pipe. He then threatened the residents with it, demanding that they turn over their Xbox 360 lest they face the wrath of his improvised weapon. 

Apparently, 52-year-old men armed with pipes aren’t very scary, and Allen M Crosswell was forced out of the house by how own victims, who locked the door and called the police. Crosswell was arrested soon after, charged with armed home invasion and aggravated assault. He’s being held on $10,000 bail. 

Going to all that trouble just for an Xbox 360, and then not even successfully stealing it despite being the one with the weapon. Crosswell is today’s crowned King of Fail. 

Man breaks into home, demands Xbox 360 [News-Journal via HotBloodedGaming]

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