Ideas for a new Canvas Curse or things we’ll never see?

Did you play Kirby: Canvas Curse or did the rainbows scare the hardcore gamer in you away? I know it’s sometimes hard to put down the Halo and look at something that involves the color pink, a round ball and a magical pen that draws rainbows, but it’s a really, really good idea because the game is a blast. It turns out it could have been even blastier or it turns out that HAL Laboratories, Kirby’s developer, is cooking up a sequel.

If you visit their Japanese site (which is frickin awesome) and click on the “ideas cube” you get to thumb through a bunch of artwork that looks closely related to Canvas Curse. The thing is, a lot of what shows up in the artwork wasn’t in the first game. Ideas that were scrapped or ideas for the next game in the series? It’s probably the former but a boy can dream about more fun with a pink ball and rainbow colors, can’t he?

It’s possible that if I could read Japanese this mystery would easily be solved as the cube has descriptions of each image, but I can’t and Google Translator won’t do Flash so the mystery remains!

Matthew Razak