I’d happily lose track of time in Stardew Valley VR (if it existed)

A fan whipped up a proof-of-concept VR experiment

I’ve given so many hours to Stardew Valley, but I don’t regret the time I’ve invested in the game – not for a second. The same can’t be said of other time-sinks I put up with, most of which come with at least a tinge of regret. Stardew has this magical everything’s-gonna-work-out-fine effect. I lose myself in it.

With that in mind, I shudder to think about how I’d fare in a virtual-reality take on Stardew Valley.

It’s unofficial, rough around the edges, and nothing more than a fun little experiment in the Unity engine, but check out this “Stardew VRalley” proof-of-concept created by Reddit user TheMikeDaoust.

Stardew VRalley from r/StardewValley

The rudimentary clip shows what first-person virtual farming could look like. The player tills a few patches of soil, plops in a seed packet, and waters the crop much like the real Stardew Valley.

Again, this project is just a development exercise. “I’m not actually making a game here or anything, I just had a few hours of downtime and wanted to do something fun in Unity,” Mike said. “All the assets are from the Synty Low Poly Adventure Pack or Stardew Valley itself (I’m certainly no artist).”

One day, someone’s going to expertly adapt the full Harvest Moon formula to VR. I can’t wait.

Stardew VRalley [Reddit]

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