Iconoclasts is headed to Nintendo Switch this year

With a new Boss Rush mode

Nintendo Switch owners won’t have to wait indefinitely for Joakim Sandberg’s wonderful action-adventure title Iconoclasts. As confirmed by the developer today, it’s officially coming over.

The Switch version is being handled by MP2 Games, the studio behind ports of games like Noitu Love Devolution, Not a Hero, and Freedom Planet. It’s said to be out “later this year.”

Destructoid’s own Nic Rowen gave the game a 9.5 out of 10 earlier this year, writing: “Iconoclasts might be a delightful action-adventure romp, but it’s also a look at oppression, what it’s like to live life outside the lines. That’s where Iconoclasts lives too, outside the lines. Of its genre, its inspirations, and its expectations. It’s a delightful surprise, the kind that doesn’t come around often enough.”

I can already tell this is just going to feel right on Switch.

Joakim Sandberg [Twitter]

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