Iconic Warcraft villain Gul’dan confirmed for Heroes of the Storm

In the trailer for Medivh

It makes sense that Blizzard is gearing their recent character releases for Heroes of the Storm to coincide with the Warcraft movie, and now, after the release of Medivh yesterday, they’ve teased the appearance of Gul’dan.

For those of you who are unaware, Gul’dan is a major villain in the Warcraft lore, and is responsible for helping the Orcish horde assault Azeroth. A Warlock by trade, he already appears in many Warcraft related projects, as a playable class in Hearthstone and a main character in the newest World of Warcraft expansion.

What exactly is in his kit is unknown, but for now, he’s the only confirmed addition for Heroes. Reddit has some insight though, as a highly accurate leaker has stated that the next characters to join the fray are Samuro (Blademaster), Auriel (a Diablo angel), Varian (son of Warcraft king Llane), as well as two Starcraft-related maps.

They also accurately predicted Gul’dan (who was technically confirmed at Blizzcon 2015, but they nailed the timing), Greymane, Lunara, Cho’Gall, Xul, Chromie, and Medivh.

Chris Carter
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