Ice-T thinks this Borderlands ‘sh*t is sick’

On October 21, actor/rapper/pimp Ice-T picked up a copy of Borderlands. Since then, he’s been a bit, shall we say… obsessed. And he’s been telling all 24,000-plus of his Twitter followers.

“Just got done playing Borderlands 4hrs straight,” he writes, “need I say more?”

But it doesn’t stop there. Later, he tells his followers that he’s going to play the game again… for an estimated five hours. Later, he updates his progress and proclaims “This sh*t is sick.” 2K Games marketing, we can only assume, are frustrated they couldn’t have put that in their print ads. 

“This game is like crack! I gotta get 2 more hours in before I crash tonight,” Ice-T also says. “There’s 10,000 Guns!”

Sorry, Ice, you’re wrong… it’s actually 3,166,880

Nick Chester