iam8bit hosts SUPER game art show

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If you like videogame art, and happen to be in Los Angeles before September 10, you may want to check out the SUPERiam8bit exhibit hosted by iam8bit. The art show, which kicks off August 11, will feature various artists, all focused on interactive entertainment (that is to say, videogames). If you’re interested in the show but can’t make it to LA, the group is also releasing an art book to document the event.

If you do happen to make it to the art show, be prepared for more than just a large gallery, as iam8bit will be presenting a tribute to Galaga. As part of the the game’s 30th birthday celebration, the entire gallery will be turned into an “80’s gaming wonderland”. I won’t be attending, since I live on the wrong side of the country, but I dig art and I love videogames, plus it’s always fun to see just how artists will render games.

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