I want to run right past these gravekeeper hags in Bloodborne

Don’t look back

Bloodborne isn’t coming out until March. That means I have a solid few months to mentally prepare myself for these horrific things, described by Sony Japan Studio producer Masaaki Yamagiwa as “deformed gravekeeper hags.” I don’t like the look of this eyeball-covered witch, either.

The PlayStation Blog has other details to share, including a fellow hunter, a frozen castle, a cane that transforms into a whip (badass!), and a hint at what lurks below the city of Yharnam: “multi-leveled ruins … crafted by something other than human hands.”

We’ll hear about how the ruins “appear differently to each hunter brave enough to enter” early next month at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas.

New Bloodborne Weapon and Hunter Emerge [PlayStation Blog]

Jordan Devore
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