I think we blew up Capcom’s Web page

Remember the Capcom countdown timer we told you about earlier? Well, by my rough estimate, we have about an hour to go to see what the big reveal will be.

What? You’re asking why I used the words “rough estimate?” That’s because it seems that the Capcom Unity Web site is having some troubles.  It may be that too many nerds gaming enthusiasts are refreshing the page in an effort to find the news first. Way to spoil things, guys!

From my informal poll, it seems that some can see the page, and others can’t. Some have the timer up, though the actual countdown timer is missing! For most, it’s a standard “problem loading page” browser error.  

Capcom, get on the ball! You should know how we people are by now.

Let us know if you’re getting the page to come up or not via the comments section below. 

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