I put Rudolph’s red nose on these 25 game characters because it’s Christmas and there’s nobody reading this

They’re all the 13th reindeer now

It’s Christmas, the one day of the year the world comes together to celebrate the time Bruce Willis dropped Alan Rickman off Nakatomi Plaza. There are probably other things we celebrate too, but I’m far too drunk on the expired Four Loko I’ve been pounding since the moment I stepped through the door of my parents’ home.

Wait, what am I doing again?

Oh, that’s right. It’s Christmas, and while I’m sure worldwide there are probably a whole seven people reading this site right now, we should probably post some new content just in case a chunk of the Destructoid Community got a new video game today they want to argue about. So here’s some top quality content for you: 25 video game characters I poorly photoshopped Rudolph’s red nose onto. Enjoy, because the way my heart is racing after chugging all these cans, this might be the last article I ever write.

This big creature from the Death Stranding mobile rip-off

The Phantom Train


Psycho Mantis

Left Pong Paddle


Dead Aerith


The Great, Mighty Poo

Travis Touchdown

A Puff-Puff Girl

Lena Pearce


The Deer God

Forza car

Lebron James


The pisser from Primal Rage


Random cop from Spider-Man

This lady Larry wants to get with

This dead bug

Yellow-ish penis

This gremlin thing from Warframe

Seige soldier

CJ Andriessen
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