I (Peter the Great) will be a great leader in Civilization VI

In Russia, you get led by Peter the Great

I’ve been playing a lot of the preview build for Civilization VI and I noticed a conspicuous lack of the Russian empire. 2K games has just revealed that the enlightened ruler will be making an appearance in the upcoming Civ, alongside the 10 rulers already announced.

The Civilization website details some of the unique buildings and units that will accompany Peter. These are important because, unlike previous Civilization games, you have to strategically place different districts around the map. You no longer get the benefit of building a city and garrisoning multiple soldiers inside it.

Take a look at this first look video that explains all of the details that are special about Peter. I like that Russia gets a bonus on tundra tiles, since I tend to find myself on one of the poles in most of my games.

As for my thoughts on the whole game so far, I greatly enjoy it. I never managed to get Civilization: Beyond Earth, but VI feels like a combination of IV and V. That may be a bit too many roman numerals to comprehend, but the game lets you micromanage on a different level while also better explaining how to accomplish the different victory paths.

I’ll be sharing more details this Friday when I give an official preview. In the mean time, you can rest easy knowing that the game is pretty solid.

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.