I need gardening tips for my upcoming hot sauce and these Zelda Deku planters are a good start

Plant in style

I don’t have many dreams left that haven’t been fulfilled. I have a beautiful wife and a daughter. My two bucket-list items as a child were to go to Japan and E3, both of which have been checked off because of this job. Oh, and this job counts as a dream too.

But I also have another low key act I want to accomplish: making my own hot sauce. As a hot sauce fiend my whole life I’ve tried to plant various plots of  (sometimes pickled) peppers, but I absolutely do not have a green thumb. I cook almost daily and I’ve been slowly hatching a formula, but I want to actually grow the peppers myself. I’m adding an extra step, right! That’s part of the dream.

That’s precisely why these Zelda Deku planters from Reddit user CrackpotCrockery (which are now up for pre-order) put a smile on my face. I envisioned my ghost peppers growing strong out of them and it made me happy. I am a simple man.

I made planters that look like Dekus! [Zelda]

Chris Carter
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