I love this gamer tattoo. It’s so bad

There are gamer tattoos, and there are bad gamer tattoos. Then there is another group of tattoos, which I can only describe as “What in the holy mother of  f*ck could possibly motivate someone to engrave that on their body for life?” I may be brave, but as much as I love the Power Glove, I have to say I feel this insane tat falls in the final grouping. While the phrase “It’s so bad” is a delightful reference to The Wizard, Power Gloves and retarded kids fapping on a map of California, getting it tattooed on your body for life is … well …a  little bit douchey. 

Check out the tat in all of it’s glory in the attached pic. 

[Via Modblog — Thank you Chris!] 

Colette Bennett