I love that we can get pitches for new Sega Genesis games in 2016

Tanglewood looks cute

We’re in an era where we can get brand new original Dreamcast shoot ’em ups and SNES platformers. While publishers are basically remaking every classic game in their catalog they can get their hands on, we also have a collective of indie developers that fondly remember the old days and want to re-introduce them to a new generation.

One of those developers is Big Evil Corporation, who is holding a crowdfunding campaign for Tanglewood — a new Genesis game featuring a fox named Nymn who is separated from his pack. It looks like it takes clear cues from the Disney era of platformers, and is set to release physically in 2017 in cartridge form.

While it hasn’t wowed me at all I’m really glad we still have people creating concepts like this with old hardware. There’s room on my plate for reliving the past and looking towards the future.

Tanglewood [Kickstarter]

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