I KILL PXLS releases Press Start, with surprise goodies included

Our own resident maestro of awesome, GuitarAtomik, has announced the release of his newest I KILL PXLS CD, entitled Press Start. If you haven’t heard him already, I suggest you snap to it, as his sound is terrific and should appeal to anyone into the chiptunes movement (although the artist has cited influences from Justice to Mr Oizo, so his sound may appeal to fans of many genres.)

You can download the album for free via multiple sources, which is even cooler, because I’d have happily paid for it. The best surprise of all is that the recent Destructoid theme Guitar Atomik composed for us is included as the final track. Of course, his music alone is awesome enough, but add in that he creates amazing art too, and the envy starts to set in. What can’t you do, dude?

Anyway, free album, awesome artist. Go do some non-illegal downloading for a change. You can also donate some gil to his cause, should you be motivated to do so.

Colette Bennett